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Multimedia vouchers – simply save

There is hardly an opportunity that a multimedia voucher would not fit. The big advantage of a multimedia voucher is that it can be used in a variety of ways.

What can you use a multimedia voucher for?

Since the selection of multimedia articles is very large, almost everyone can use them. Due to the large number of articles, it can be used almost universally.
Examples would include:

Purchasing software
buying music CDs
Buying DVDs

By using a Cede.ch voucher or Magix voucher you have the opportunity to save the respective voucher amount when ordering. Since the multimedia vouchers are free, there are no risks. On the contrary, you can only win. Instead of a voucher, you will receive a voucher code that can be redeemed on the order page.

Redeeming a multimedia voucher

The procedure is the same for almost all online shops and very easy to use. After you have decided on the corresponding product, you put it in the shopping cart and confirm the purchase. If you now go to the Checkout or Pay button, a Voucher field appears and there you enter the corresponding code. After confirmation, the value of the voucher code is immediately deducted from the price and you only have to pay the price reduced by the voucher.